HAFU Designs

      by Tonia Senoo

About the Artist


Native to San Diego, I have always held a fondness for everything water, thus I remain impressed by the vastness of the ocean. I approach challenges with delicate observation, yet with the intent to conquer ultimately. Surfing is no exception.  Over the years my love of surfing has not altered, and what I lack in talent, I more than make up for with enthusiasm.  This tenacity is reflected in my collection of WAVES.  Admiration for perfectly shaped barrels crowds my imagination and overflows onto the canvas.  Dreaming of the day I will join the ranks of those who have experienced "the green room" shouts from my renderings of the rider's perspective. Please take the time to browse this collection and you will experience, for a moment, a love affair with the omnipotent wave.

​                                                               - Tonia Senoo

Tonia Senoo is a self-taught artist. She resides in Oceanside, CA with her husband and 3 children. A former commercial pilot turned SAHM, and an explorer by nature, she has a multitude of beautiful imagery she would like to share with the world. She is available for consignment to paint not only canvases, but murals and surfboards as well.